Ronin Arts Workshop

Ronin Arts Workshop is a team of digital artists and creatives focused on creating cool miniatures for cool people. I create concept art and illustrations for their upcoming fantasy TRPG. What you see here is a collection of assets that will be used in the role playing campaigns when the game launches. These coat of arm designs represent characters, cities, regions and deities. Creating a new IP from scratch is an exceptionally ambitious endeavour and I am very excited to bring this fantasy world to life.

Board Game Illustration

Arena der Elemente

Arena der Elemente is a board game developed by Michael Schmid. Wizards battle each other in an arena using elemental magic. I created the following components:

  • box art

  • game board

  • card frames

  • card illustrations

  • tokens & icons

  • promotional art

Spielbrett Arena der Elemente.jpg

My Process

Work With Me

Lusoni Coat of Arms RAW.jpg
I’m the right artist if you need:

  • Eye catching colours

  • Stylised & painterly illustrations

  • Environment Art

  • Concept Art

  • Art for video games, card and board games

  • Prop design

  • Card frame & game board design

  • Icons

  • Cover illustrations (music, books etc.)

  • Sketches

How can I book you for my project?

Get in Touch!

Thank you for your message!

I’m always excited about new projects, just send me an email or use the contact form below to get in touch.

Let me know:

  • what your project is about

  • the scope

  • deadlines/rough time frame

  • your budget

The more I know about your project, the easier it is for me to estimate how long it will take and how much it will cost. Please keep in mind that I am a professional artist, so I only take on paid work with signed contracts. 

I usually charge a project based rate (€ Euros). If you only need one illustration or if you don't how much art you need yet, we can agree on a per-piece-rate too.