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Little Seed Project is a charity artbook that raised funds for animals that suffered from the wildfires in Australia in 2020. Artists from all over the world contributed to this book to donate money to WIRES, a charity organisation that rescues animals and raises awareness about climate change. 

I contributed with an illustration of a koala bear shown in its natural habitat before the fires. 

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My Contribution
About the Project

​The Carbon Black Academy offers art education for Illustrators and Concept Artists in the entertainment industry, especially in movies, games and animation. I worked on rebranding the company to give it a more modern look. Creating the website, logo, banners etc. was an interesting challenge and I hope that the skills I learned along the way will be useful during future projects.

  • Logo Design

  • Web Design

    • I created the website as a whole and all the assets that are used.​

  • ​Graphic Design

    • Assets for the website​

    • Social media templates

    • Icon Design

  • Writing & Editing​

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